Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


What is an Arm Lift?


Arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) removes excess fat and skin to tighten and shape the arm between the arm pit and the elbow. It aims to remove the loose sagging skin that droops and create a tauter, more youthful and athletic arm shape.

Although many people specifically exercise their arms to correct their undesirable shape often these exercises cannot correct the problem, due to excess skin. Consequently even fit and normal weight individuals can have arms that have loose and sagging skin. 

Arm lift surgery is primarily a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape and appearance of the arm, some women and men are also symptomatic from their arm shape and size. Symptoms can include:

Arm shape is the product of aging, genetics and weight gain or loss.

Surgical options that can be offered depending on individual characteristics, include:



Am I A Arm Lift Candidate?


Individuals are good candidates for surgery if:



What is the Arm Lift Surgery Process?


To start, at your pre surgical consultation you will meet Chris Porter and together discuss your personal goals, medical health and previous treatments, surgery and anaesthesia. A list of your current medications is required but you do not need a referral from your family doctor. Your abdominal characteristics will be examined and explained to you. At the end of the consultation you will have discussed:

You will also have the opportunity to satisfy any nervousness or personal concerns, you should be comfortable discussing your feelings during the consultation. Remember, your individual goals are specific to you but are also commonly experienced by other plastic surgery patients.

On the day of surgery you will be admitted to the hospital where you will be assessed by the Anaesthetist who may administer medication to settle any pre-surgical nervousness. Chris Porter will perform pre-surgical markings and take photographs for your personal file. Following this, you will be transferred to the operating room where you will meet the surgical team and then your general anaesthetic will be started. While you are asleep under the anaesthetic your surgery will be performed and you will be given pain relief medication so you are comfortable when you wake up following the anaesthetic. Following completion of your surgery and anaesthetic you will be transferred to the ward where the nurses will keep you comfortable and guide your recovery. Typically you will have a one night hospital stay and on discharge you will be provided with pain relief medication, instructions to optimise your recovery, and post-operative appointments.



What is Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Like?


You will have some post-surgical bruising, swelling and discomfort which will subside towards the end of the first week. Following discharge from hospital you should not drive or return to work during the first week after surgery. During this time you need to rest at home to minimise swelling, bruising and as well as optimising your wound healing. Your dressings are sufficiently waterproof to allow showering from the first day after your surgery. Typically you will be able to return to driving and office based work in the second week after surgery. I recommend that general activity is limited to gentle walking for the first three weeks, if you are progressing well at that stage then you will be able to increase your activity aiming for unrestricted activity just as you were prior to surgery at week four to six, depending on your level of exercise.


What's Involved

Surgery is performed by specialist plastic surgeon under a full general anaesthetic in a private hospital. Recovery depends on the surgery performed and for more details your individual surgery is best discussed with your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will work in conjunction with other health professionals if required.

The team approach may require involvement of your GP, a bariatric surgeon, a dietician, a gym instructor and your plastic surgeon will co-ordinate care as required before and after cosmetic surgery.

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